Marvin Freitas is a furniture maker based in Minneapolis, MN. 


My inspiration began as a young boy watching my grandfather make things in his small shop in Galicia, Spain. He was a mason and built wood concrete forms to build his house. We also loved working on boats that we took out to sea to net fish of the coast of Galicia Spain. This set the path for what I do today. I have been exposed this ever since I could remember. Hammers ,Hand Planes and Motors.

I have a 5,000 square foot shop in the heart of Minneapolis. Stop by and take a look at the shop and what we do.

All visits are by appointment only. No.6129788520

We keep of our work in house.

Woodworking /Metal/Glass.

We CNC and also machine our own parts for our furniture. Leather work and commercial art pieces.

My work has been featured at West Elm, The American Craft Council, on Saveur magazine, Design Sponge as well has retail outlets throughout the United States and Spain.